Cornerstone Asset Technologies is pleased to offer product and implementation training for the following requirements:

  • Portable vibration condition monitoring systems.
  • Introductory and advanced electric motor testing and diagnostics
  • Reliability implementation, and ongoing improvement training
  • Vibration measurement and analysis techniques for system leaders and technicians
  • On-going system mentoring, including alarm configuration review
  • Continuous monitoring systems. Assistance with design, configuration and commissioning. In addition, training in data management and interpretation
  • In-situ balancing of rotors. Desktop training for single and dual plane in-situ balancing techniques
  • Workshop balancing systems. For hard and soft-bearing systems and training in correct balancing procedures
  • Turbo-machinery protection system scope design, configuration, installation and commissioning
  • Training in data analysis and system management
  • On-going technical support and advice
  • Training in the correct use of all laser-based systems for shaft alignment and geometric applications
  • Applications training for users including route-based measurement and analysis techniques

Training can be conducted on-site, or at our Perth head office, and can be tailored to your requirements.

We also offer applications guidance and technical support for our other product lines.

Please call 1300 884 007 to ask how we can help you with your training requirements.