UVLA kit (incl SM1H)


UVLA F-Pro (universal vibration listening amplifier) kit, with new HP filter switch setting. Includes BNC T-Adapter (1M/2FM), BNC-BNC datacollector interface cable 1m, accelerometer 780C c/w BNC – 2skt coily TDX cable, 2x AA cells included, stinger probe, ‘zerk’ fitting – grease gun adapter, 1” rare earth sensor magnet, and Sensear SM1H Helmet mount 82dB(A) noise limiting electronic earmuffs c/w coily cord cable assembly (optional extras for SM1 including a range of two-way radio and MP3 connection cords are available - SM1x models for Bluetooth® mobile phone integration also available). NB: Please specify the helmet you wish to attach your SM1H to upon ordering. Sensear warranty: 12 months.

NB: Grease gun pictured is not included.

Product details
  • Item No: UVLA-SM1H-K
  • Brand: Baseline
  • Warranty: 3 Year Warranty on Vitech Baseline UVLA F-Pro
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