Eagle Wireless Sensor


EAGLE is a self-powered wireless sensor that does not require any cables. Ideal for i naccessible machines, mobile machines, distant machines :

  • Compact size: H86, ø40
  • Self-sufficiency: the sensor acquires the data by itself, and no additional box is needed!
  • Autonomy: 5 years in nominal operational conditions, without the need for recharging or maintenance operations
  • Automatic detection: the ISA100.11a wireless router automatically detects sensors positioned nearby. No settings are needed.
  • Wireless transmission: data is transferred wirelessly to the CMS data platform.
  • Up to 100 sensors per router (gateway), reducing the amount of equipment needed and the cost of the instrumentation
  • Up to 100m range in industrial environments.
  • 1 or 3 vibration axis plus temperature measurement
  • IP67 rating
Product details
  • Item No: Eagle
  • Brand: ONEPROD
  • Warranty: 1 Year ACOEM Warranty on Hardware & Software.
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