Our Distinctives

Our Distinctives

Cornerstone Asset Technologies has become successful on the strength of some core distinctives that we vigorously pursue and protect.

We're local

Cornerstone Asset Technologies is 100% Australian-owned. While representing large multi-nationals and cultivating strong relationships with them over many years, our context is local. Our strength lies in the ability to offer secure, reliable and consistent service; ongoing relationships that are not tied to a specific supplier or at the whim of takeovers or mergers. While these corporate changes may hold advantages from a product point of view, it can often be at the expense of service continuity.

We're all about quality

Cornerstone Asset Technologies seeks to make quality a part of every decision it makes. Our ongoing pursuit of quality improvement holds the key to our future growth and profitability. Through empowering our people to make changes and by gaining feedback from our customers and suppliers, Cornerstone Asset Technologies considers the past and seeks to refine its processes to deliver a better quality service today than it did yesterday.

We serve

Ultimately, our business succeeds based on our ability to serve our customers well, to provide timely advice, and uncover solutions that generate productivity for their operations. Our people are skilled and competent and have been equipped with a high level of knowledge about the products we have to offer and the applications and environments in which those products are used.

We partner

We've learned time and again that the best solutions are the result of having the best information from the best people and, in turn, having access to the best products and services to deliver. We seek quality partnerships with both our customers and suppliers knowing that the product of the result of these partnerships is increased productivity for our customers, our own profitability and a rich, relational work environment.

We're environmentally aware

We are committed to environmental leadership within each facet of our business. By developing innovative and flexible solutions for our customers, Cornerstone Asset Technologies minimises the impact of their industry on the environment. Our industrial solutions are oriented towards efficiency, accurate measurement, minimising wastage and downtime and maximising productivity. In both our internal processes and the solutions we provide to customers, environmental sensitivity is at the forefront.

Our values

Cornerstone Asset Technologies is committed to:

  • Integrity: Applying to all aspects of Cornerstone Asset Technologie's business activities
  • Commitment: To deliver effective outcomes for solutions offered by Cornerstone Asset Technologies
  • Partnership: A partnership approach is considered a priority for customers, Cornerstone Asset Technologies and our principals, to ensure successful outcomes
  • Fairness: Cornerstone Asset Technologies seek to mediate fare solutions for all parties where problems may require resolution
  • Community: Cornerstone Asset Technologies seeks to cultivate open channels of communication to build strong relationships with clients, staff and principals
Our Distinctives